Hill Climb Racing v1.42.2 for iPhone OS / Unlimited Money


Hill Climb Racing is a game in which you will have to go playing races that will always go uphill. In this case, the races are carried out in a fabulous competition car, with which you will have to learn to control and play this game if you want to be number one. 

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Hill Climb Racing is suitable for all audiences since it has no scenes of violence or anything like that. For this reason, you can install hill climb racing mod apk iOS for your children without any problem and it will enjoy very well. 


Hill Climb Racing Levels

The hill climb racing game has different levels with its respective difficulty curve. You will start at fairly easy levels, but then you will go to more complicated levels. However, the game has the option of improving your car, something that will help you to reach the top of this game and to have the best car of all time, a fast car that can literally go up to the rainbow, and that one of the levels of the game has to do with this theme. 

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Without a doubt, hill climb racing for iPhone will enchant you to have a good time on the bus, while you are waiting at the dentist’s office and home when you get bored, since it is fast, entertaining and also does not spend any data, nor does it require a machine too powerful to play.

Hill Climb Racing for iPhone contains 30 phases in which to travel the most impressive curves in landscapes of all kinds although the handling will be simple. At the time of starting the race you must press the accelerator to bring the needle closer to the green zone of the speedometer.

You will have a button to accelerate and another to brake so that you can balance your car as you move as fast as possible.


Hill Climb Racing Mod APK For iOS

The objective of hill climb hack ios is to get the highest score possible. For this, the normal thing will be to hold the wheel for a long time without overturning the car and collecting the coins that we can. We can also try to make tricks and special maneuvers when we jump. In this way, we will achieve much more points.

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The controls are simple that anyone could learn without having any problem. Once the controls have been learned, we will be able to complete levels, which are completed easily, that is, playing and trying to ascend through the places without the car dipping. Hill Climb Racing Hack iOS contains a lot of exciting levels and winning races, points, and improvements for the car options.



  • Hill Climb Racing Mod apk iOS facilitate with engine of powerful slopes .
  • Hill climb racing mod apk contains 29+ vehicles for selection according to player style.
  • 28+ stages for experience amazing driving.
  • Garage mode to customize vehicle .


Control and Performance Modes

As we play we can improve the performance of the vehicle with the money earned. In this way, we can get to have a real beast of the road to test in the five different types of scenario. The Arctic, the countryside, the desert or the moon itself are just some of them.

Publisher Fingersoft
Latest Version 1.42.2
Size 132.9 MB
Platforms iOS 9.0 or later


Bottom Words!

Hill Climb Racing Hack iOS has very good graphics and is quite nice to look at. It is a very easy game to play, with a very simple game mechanic and without a doubt, a game that everyone likes, even people who are not as car-loving as others. The interface is very basic you have the brake pedal located on the right of the screen and the accelerator on the left. It depends on your ability to handle them that you go more or less far. You should be careful driving at full speed since you can run out of fuel.